2009 was the year that we threw out to the universe that we wanted to move back to the La Crosse area.  We didn’t know how that was going to happen – we had a business and a house in a depressed housing market – but we wanted to go home.  We trusted that if we were meant to move the way would open for us.

The Universe responded by my husband getting the first job he applied for in Wisconsin.  He was to report to the GET School District in April 2010.  We still had a business and a home to figure out what to do with, and I was put in charge of staying back in Minnesota to take care of those details while my husband moved to WI to start work.

West Central Computer Solutions was the only computer business in Grant County and it was my job to get it sold.  We had built up a dedicated client base and a solid reputation over the 10 years we were in business.  We had also developed a relationship with the local ISP that made our business viable in the rural area we serviced.  I negotiated a deal with the ISP that they would offer a one year probationary contract to whoever we were able to sell our business.  I also worked out a deal with our landlord that they would lease our store to the new owners if that was something they wanted to do to keep consistency with location.  The purchase of our business would include not only this perks, but also all of our inventory, our customer list, the open invoices, and an agreement to service the warranties on our computers.  I even included the option to purchase our home in conjunction with the business for someone who was looking to make a new start in a new community.  The price was right and it was a turn-key investment.

I went about getting the word out that our business was for sale.  I spent lots of money on statewide, regional, and local advertising.  I made personal solicitations to other area computer businesses and individuals who I knew were looking to get into the business.  I received consultation from the MN Small Business Bureau and they did an assessment on the perceived value of the business.  We met with five possible buyers, one of whom we met with several times and had our lawyers and accountants involved in the process. 

In the end we were unable to sell both our business and our home.  We ended up having to move to WI without the income from the business or home sale that we had anticipated, and had to pay for ongoing expenses of each.  This caused a lot of stress on our family and my husband and our relationship.  I have felt like I was the “bad person” in the move and the failure of selling our assets. 

Is there anything I could have done differently?