The one human who has had the most profound impact on all of humanity was a servant leader – Jesus Christ.  My favorite time of the liturgical year is Holy Week, when we tell the BIG servant leader stories.  Holy Thursday starts off with Jesus washing the feet of his disciples, a story that is less emphasized than the First Eucharist in our liturgies, but more deeply moving to me as an emerging servant leader.

Jesus understood that the best leaders are seen as “one of us”.  The most effective leaders develop authentic relationships with those who they serve through their leadership.  The love from these authentic relationships is what generates their positive power and authority to lead.

I had the opportunity to learn and experience reflexology at the recent Clare Seminar.  Touching another’s feet is healing, relaxing, and promotes positive relationship.  There is something very vulnerable and intimate about baring your feet to another and allowing them to be touched.  Initially I experienced nervousness with the group exercises, but it was quickly replaced by a total feeling of calm, love, and acceptance, both in the receiving and the giving.  Placing one’s hands on another’s feet is a harmonious action; if you think about it, it is very difficult to be angry with someone when they are touching your feet.

How can I practice washing of feet in my daily life as a remembrance of who I am called to be in the Body of Christ?


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